KitNipBox Review

We participated in an Instagram kitty gift exchange recently and were lucky to be gifted a KitNipBox. We have been looking into trying a subscription box for cats for a while now. Some questions I always had in mind as I did my research was, “Is it worth it?” “Would I buy this many toys a month without the subscription box?” “What if the box sucked?”.

I occasionally purchase toys for Sven and Robbie, but I have never bought them as many toys as a box would provide per month. The idea of purchasing two toys a week (8 toys/month) sounds crazy even for a crazy cat lady like me. Our toys have lasted so long; some have lasted over for two years. Of course I do agree that catnip toys that are often licked or bit into should be replaced every so often but still I wouldn’t be buying 8 catnip toys a month.

The KitNipBox offers two kinds of boxes. The multi-cat box comes with 7 cat items, where as the happy cat box comes with 5. These items can range from cat treats to toys. The overall value of all the cat products you get appears to be more than the cost of the box. Thus, in a sense, it is worth it because you are technically paying less per product.

Now you may be paying less per product, but would you be buying all those toys without a subscription box? My answer was no, and that was the main reason why I never got around to getting one. However, since you can cancel your box whenever you want, you get get a box twice a year or once every quarter to fit your cats needs. So now you can get new cat toys every other month or so.

Well, what if the box sucked? There is always a chance that the box isn’t what you expected, or the toys just aren’t as enticing. Yes it sucks to pay for something that your cats aren’t interested in, but you can always donate to shelters or vets. That is what I plan on doing. In addition to donating the toys you don’t want, a portion of the proceeds goes to support shelters, rescues, and etc. So buying a box that wasn’t as good as you expect wouldn’t be a complete waste as you can donate the products and proceeds from your purchase will go to help animals in need.

My overall opinion of getting a cat subscription box like the KitNipBox is that it is worth it, but not every month. Our toys aren’t breaking down fast enough to replace with new toys every month or even every other month. I think the fact that I can just order the box for once a quarter would be more enticing to me as a cat mom.

A monthly subscription box isn’t for everyone, but I highly recommend you try it once or twice!


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