Easy DIY costumes for your pet

Let’s admit it, we all have dress up our pets at one point. With Halloween coming up we would like to share some easy DIY costumes we have made before. Pet costumes can be pricey and they usually are worn once, or twice max, in a year. Let’s save some money and have some fun!

1. TY Beanie Babies Collectible: Probably the most effortless and easiest costume to do. Print out the Ty logo, or you can make your own like we did, and tie it with a ribbon.

2. Offred’s Handmaid costume from Hulu’s Original The Handmaid’s Tale: You’ll need two things to recreate this popular outfit. An old white t-shirt and a red one.

3. PURRYWISE: Tape together coffee filters, add some red pom poms, and cut out a space for the neck. Blow up a red balloon and tape it to the wall. Easy peasy Pennywise…or I mean PURRYWISE.

4. Dustin from Stranger Things: Glue together some felt and shape it into a hat and BAM you get Dustin. Add a floral background, letters, and Christmas lights and you got a Stranger Things vibe!

5. Robb Stark or Jon Snow of the House Stark: All you need is some faux fur to wrap around body and print out a Stark sigil.

Other honorable mentions:

Your buddy Chucky

Three Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones

Lady Melissandra from Game of Thrones

Hope you have lots of fun making costumes! Please tag us on Instagram @svenandrobbie so we can see your creativity! Happy Halloween!


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