Sven and Robbie are two brofurs living it up in sunny San Diego with their PURRents. They love sun bathing, watching live TV on their extra large plasma screen (patio window 😆), and eating snacks.

Sven was born on February 23, 2014 and little did he know what awaited for him in the future. He was a strong feisty tabby Domestic Shorthair who got lost in a junk yard. He was found underneath a truck and brought to the SD humane society. Luckily for him, two hoomans, without any intentions of adopting, decided to go to PetCo to look at cute kittens and puppies. Sven was this tiniest thing and such a love bug. Once he was held by his future hoomans, there was no letting him go. That very day the hoomans brought him back to his FURever home and was loved unconditionally every since.

A few years passed and the hoomans felt it was time to grow their family! After going to the Annual San Diego Cat Show and months of research, the hoomans decided to get an Exotic Shorthair. Born on April 22, 2017, a little red and white tabby boy was promised to the best home ever. Robbie, named after da King in da Norf, Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, was brought back to his FURever home to meet his new big brother. There was a lot of adjustments for Sven, but it has been a fun roller coaster ride ever since!


Hi fellow cat lover! I am the cat mom to Sven and Robbie. They call me mum, but you can call me Jenn. We are originally from San Francisco, but moved down to San Diego for college and decided to stay for the beautiful weather. We love cats, cats, and everything cat. Our cats are our everything and we want to share our experience and love of them with everyone. We have been through a lot with the boys — from Sven’s ongoing feline allergies to Robbie’s mysterious “jelly butt” syndrome. We hope you will find some useful information here for you or your kitty, if not, then at least you will leave with a smile from all the cute photos!