Our must haves for cats and cat owners

https://youtu.be/n9cWBtFSecQ Here are our recommendations on everything you need for your cats. After owning three cats, we have tested many products and we want to share what we like. Of course products that our cats like doesn't necessarily mean your cat(s) will like them too. Treats, obviouslyTuna flakesFreeze dried shrimp, salmon, or anything other proteinSqueezy … Continue reading Our must haves for cats and cat owners

Catnip and its alternatives

Did you know catnip only affects about 50% of cats? Good thing there are alternatives like valerian root and silver vine. What is catnip? Catnip, aka nepeta cataria, is a herbaceous plant that is well known for their cat attracting properties. It contains a chemical attractant called nepetalactone (neh-peeta-lack-tone), which is the essential oil derived … Continue reading Catnip and its alternatives

Grooming 101 for your Exotic Shorthair

Targeted areas to focus on Eyes and creases between nose and eyesFur around the bumBody fur Unlike their close cousins the Persians, the Exotic Shorthair requires a little less maintenance, but more than other feline breeds. Bye bye eye boogies Due to their brachycephalic (smoosh) faces, Exotics have poor eye drainage and tend to tear … Continue reading Grooming 101 for your Exotic Shorthair