So we got a new cat…

If you have been following us on Instagram, then you would know we got a new addition to our family. If you aren’t following us, what are you waiting for?!

I would like every one to meet Louise, named after Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers for her sweet but naughty personality.

Born on April 6, 2019, Louise, originally named Vanna by foster family, was found with three of her sisters. She was filthy, riddled with fleas, and had horrible diarrhea. Thanks to Love Your Feral Felines, they saved her from the euthanasia list and placed her in a foster home. From there she was relocated to Cat and Craft, a cat cafe located in Vista (near San Diego).

She didn’t spend long at the cat cafe though. Instead of Black Friday shopping and fighting with strangers over just-OK deals, my husband and I thought it would be better to our spend time sipping on coffee and chilling with cats. Now I wish I could say we immediately feel in love with her, but that wasn’t the case. We had seen her the weekend before Black Friday, but she was aloof, nonsocial, and slept in the corner to avoid interacting with cafe guests. Fast forward to Black Friday, we saw her again and she was a whole new cat. She was playful, cuddly, but still easily frighten. After interacting with her, we couldn’t help but to adopted her on November 29, 2019.

She was called Vanna for the next few days as picking a name is no easy feat. There were so many options, we even took to our Instagram to ask for suggestions. We ended up choosing Louise from Bob’s Burgers due to her mischievous nature, which no one would expect from something so small and adorable.

It has been two weeks since she went home to her forever home and I am happy to report that she has made herself Queen of the house. Her two older brothers, Sven and Robbie, are still getting accustom to her presence. Louise has way more energy than them, and always wants to play when they want to sleep.

It has been a crazy two week. Not only did we have to transition her food, but also trained her using a microchip feeder and transition her litter from clay to pine! Thankfully everything turned out successful. Louise also just had her wellness check up and she is 100% healthy.

Keep up with Sven, Robbie, and Louise on Instagram for our daily stories and weekly posts.


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